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The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season

This is it. This is the season I have been dreaming about ever since I laid eyes on this little girl and planned to marry my oh so handsome, ever so laid back, man.

I can only pray we create traditions that imprint the happiest of times for our little one. 

I pray Riley tells her fiancé one day that she is “making the ham biscuits her mom always made” or that she can share memories of the Christmas cookie exchange that we hope to one day organize for her and her friends. 

I pray that she gives during the season of giving, and that she lends a hand when she sees it is needed.

I can only pray that this little girl learns to be gracious and grateful, kind and tender hearted, joyful and patient. 

I remember when I was really young I received bountiful amounts of presents.

I remember my parents giving me Dramamine to help me sleep because my anxious little body refused to do so Christmas Eve.

I remember waking up to presents covering the staircase and I remember trash bags upon trash bags  being taken out after all the wrapping paper had been ripped off. I can only imagine what my parents went through during all of those Christmas’.

However, I also remember when things got a little harder in our household. I remember getting a little older and my parents were doing their best to have the greatest Christmas and to make me as happy as can be while still stretching to make ends meet. 

I remember opening presents and feeling ungrateful and let down because I didn’t have as many presents as I had the years before, 

How selfish of me, right?

I didn’t realize this until I got a little older, but Christmas started turning into something I got upset about because of the materialistic thing I did or didn’t get. 

That is not what Christmas is about.

Our very first Christmas tradition was decided upon by Tyler and I a few days ago, and instead of filling up under our tree for Riley – we will be giving her something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, and something to read. 

The rest will be filled with gifts she will GIVE. 

I pray Riley is able to remember the excitement during the production at the Christmas Eve service at church. 

I pray she remembers baking cookies for santa, and taking silly Christmas card pictures.

I pray Riley laughs when we can all quote The Grinch and Home Alone – and I pray she understands that her character and her personality will get her far more in this world than any presents under the Christmas tree. 

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