hi! i'm kelsey. wife to my best friend & stay at home mama to our little girl. I love jesus, cookies and cream icecream & everything floral and am passionate about finding joy in the ordinary + appreciating every moment. so glad you've found my blog & the little window into our world. I hope you enjoy w

I'm a Walking Contradiction, But Wouldn't Change a Thing.

I'm a Walking Contradiction, But Wouldn't Change a Thing.

I feel like I need to introduce myself. I share so much on social media and I feel like people just assume they know me and my family from the tid-bit's and captions I post on Instagram. Hopefully this will give you an insight to us, that you may or may not see on Instagram. 

First and fore most, I have so many different lifestyle aspects about me that might all seem contradictory, so bare with me. This could be confusing to some, because I totally pick and choose according to what I believe is right for me, and for what I believe is right for my family. 

I'm a little crunchy. I use essential oils and burn palo Santo when I feel a cleanse to my soul is deemed necessary. I like taking adaptogens to feel better, I am not a "something hurts - let me find a Tylenol" kind of person, I'd rather get on a yoga mat and stretch what hurts until it has been relieved. I don't like antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. I take long baths and don't wash my hair often. I am 110% pro-marijuana - but think of it just like I would think of having a glass of wine to wind down in the evenings after the kids are in bed. I will always allow my children to run around barefoot, and they may not take a bath every night. 

On the flip side of this, I use Clorox and Lysol to clean my house, I can't get on board with the homemade household products because I love the clean smell of the cleaning products that may contain chemicals. I don't always shop organic, and some of my favorite foods are the most processed ones on the shelf at the grocery store. I am pro-vaccinations and am totally okay with accepting pain relief during labor. My children will drink formula if I am unable to give them breast milk. 

I am also a strong Christian, but I am still a sinner. I believe in the power of prayer, and I will tell you time and time again it is the one thing I know can change your life if you believe. But, I cuss a little and we don't go to church every Sunday because slow-mornings with our family are one of those things I am not ready to give up yet. 

Tyler and I are 100% the kind of people that cherish a good date night, but have no desire to be away from our children longer than that. We love the quietness of the toddler being in her bed sound asleep, but we also like knowing we are right down the hall if she needs us. 

He is the stern, "If dad is mad, you know you've done something wrong" and I am the pushover that will allow her to take 15 minutes to put on her shoes for the small bit of confidence she will gain from finishing that task, even if it means we will be late. 

I'm not perfect. I will allow Riley to watch TV if it means I get to catch up on GMA and drink my coffee while it's hot. I raise my voice when I'm frustrated, and then apologize immediately because I know how my tone of voice can upset her like nothing else. Sometimes we eat in bed, even though every parenting book known to man says "no snacks in bed." We let her stay up until 10:30pm if it means she will cuddle and appreciate time with us. I am stern about nap time, even if it's quiet time alone in her room. We let her cry it out when she wouldn't transition to her bed. 

We are not perfect. But we do what we think it right for our sweet little family and that's all that matters.

When people message me asking for parenting advice, my first piece of advice is to not listen to anyone about parenting advice, and if you do, take it with a grain of salt. You will find what works for you, and you will be so happy you did! 

So, that's me. That's us. And that's it.




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