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What To Pack For a Beach Trip With a Baby

What To Pack For a Beach Trip With a Baby

We are heading to the beach for the first time with our sweet little family tomorrow – yay! Seeing as Tyler and I moved from the beach to Raleigh while I was pregnant, and we are total beach people, it’s so exciting that we get to share one of our favorite places with our sweet little girl (who is so stinking cute in a bathing suit, might I add ) 

We have always been sporadic-go-with-the-flow kind of people, so we had no problem packing up to go and spending sun up to sun down on the beach. However, with a 4 month old there is a lot more planning involved… And I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve read on “what to pack for a trip with a baby” and how much advice I have asked for on the Raleigh moms Facebook group, so I thought I would share what I have learned is necessary for a trip to the beach with a 4 month old, and after this weekend I’ll let you know how it went 

So here goes nothing!


First, I am so thankful to have such an incredible sister-in-law who is prepared to help with us not-so-prepared people. 

Top of our list is a tent. We figure if we want to hang out on the beach all day, in the sun…we needed to bring a tent. Thankfully we borrowed these two. We figure the smaller of the two will be perfect for Riley’s naps. 

Also, last year I was smart enough to get a waterproof, sandproof blanket.So we will put that down and towels, chairs over top. 

We are also pick up a baby pool to bring with us so Riley can cool off when needed – (around $10 at your local Walmart )

We have loaded up on bathing suits, sunscreen, bucket hats. (Below is the sunscreen we have used, I also asked the pediatrician yesterday if he had any tips and said a zinc for the face might be a good idea, but she should be fine if well shaded!)

I packed a whole pack of diapers, and wipes.  Also, one of my favorite use for the medela Breastmilk storage bottles has been fillin them up with water to mix formula on the go, which I think will be perfect for this trip. I plan to fill them up and keep them in the cooler with everything else 


I had never heard this before, and am still unsure of how well it will work – but I have had a ton of moms tell me that babypowder is a saving grace at the beach. It dries up baby moisture (sweat, drool, wet bathingsuit grossness) AND gets the sand off of everyone! Which sound awesome – so that’s in our list to bring. 

Tyler’s best friend (and college roommate) JP and his girlfriend Sidney are going on a cruise Saturday evening, so (thankfully) we were able to stay at their house and not have to find a hotel room (it’s graduation for UNCW and Mother’s Day weekend…..so everything is gooing to be a disaster!) so we are very thankful for that! However, we didn’t think lugging a pack n play would make much sense for just one night – so our rock n play has been a life saver for times like this! 


We love how portable it is AND Riley loves being in our room! 

Obviously since its Riley’s first time going to the beach – we have to bring the GoPro. This thing has been so fun to capture moments with – even if it isn’t used as much as I would have liked   We will have awesome pictures for our sweet girls first trip- I don’t miss an opportunity to document moments in this life, that’s a promise I can keep  (Instagram: kelseysook)

We also share a love for yoga – Tyler wasn’t too big into until we met – but he absolutely loves it now. And we have a “spot” on the beach that we call ours. So yoga mats are on the list of what we have to lug with us. 

And for those of you with kids – you know you can never be too prepared – so I also brought 

-5 outfits for Riley

-her sleep sack

-3 bathing suits

-bucket hat




-gas drops

-a thermometer

-4 dr.browns 8oz bottles

-baby toys galore

-a bucket (to put ocean water in the baby pool)


-baby lotion

-the baby Bjorn (so we can carry her if we have to walk far and don’t want to bring the stroller)

-coconut oil

-DoTerra essential oils (lavender is key for Riley’s sleep!)

-sunglasses for Riley


Now I’m almost positive I’m forgetting something – but this is pretty much the gist of it. 

We are going up Saturday morning and will be there until Sunday afternoon. I have made reservations at our favorite restaurants for almost every meal – because I know it’s going to be so crowded down there this weekend! Pray all goes well, and I will update on what worked/what we wish we did differently when we return!! 

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