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What's In My Hospital Bag?

What's In My Hospital Bag?

When I was pregnant with Riley I had no idea what our hospital stay would really look like - so when I went into labor, I threw a few things in a bag for myself, grabbed the diaper bag that was fully stocked, and headed out the door.

However, there were so many things I wish I had for myself that I didn't realize until we got home from the hospital. I had a pretty quick labor with Riley, and they say your second is usually half the time of your first - so I am expecting this one to be pretty quick, too! That being said, I am getting prepared now, just in case! 

I ordered the majority of these things from Target (surprise) and decided I would just throw them in a bag. I could live without most of them, but they will make our stay with a new babe a whole lot more enjoyable. 

1. I bought the travel sized Nexxus shampoo and conditioner - they give you a toiletry bag at the hospital for you with tooth brush, mouth wash, shampoo...etc. but usually having your own is far more enjoyable when you go to take your first shower post-baby :) 

2. We packed our Amazon Echo Dot - I remember so badly wanting music during Riley's labor and post-baby. Every evening we turn on the "Indie Singer-Songwriter" station on Pandora in our room before bed and I think having that on will be ideal in the hospital room. 

3. I will be bringing a diffuser and lavender, for during labor and once baby has arrived. In hopes to calm nerves and relax us all during those first few hours together. 

4. Dr.Bronner's lip balm is one of my favorites and I remember needing chapstick SO dang badly with Riley, I am prepared this go-round :) 

5. Makeup remover wipes. These are so nice to have on hand if you are laying in bed and expecting visitors, you can just wipe off your face while laying there with your new babe :)

6. I bought a few nursing-friendly nightgowns (in dark colors - because HELLO BLOOD.) and packed a few nursing bras as well :)

7. Socks - they give you the socks with grips on the bottom to walk around in, but I liked having my own socks while in bed :) 

8. A nursing pillow. I love the Boppy, and preferred it with Riley but some people prefer the Breast Friend pillow. 

9. Hair ties. So necessary, and maybe throw in a head band or two also :) 

10. Nursing pads. I will be bringing these washable nursing pads, because they have disposable ones for you there. These will most likely be worn on the way home or once milk is in. 

11. A long iPhone charger for both Tyler and myself. 

12. Our GoPro, so we can document those first couple of days together. 

13. SNACKS. I remember being ravenous post baby and begging people to bring food to the hospital. Those Perfect Bars are the perfect treat.

14. Makeup bag. I don't think I really put makeup on last time, but it's good to have just in case :)

15. Tyler will bring sweats and a sweat shirt - he will probably leave to go home and get Riley at some point to bring her back, so he will be okay without too many essentials :)

16. Lastly, I am packing a present for Riley (a new baby doll and real preemie baby clothes/diapers to go with it - so that she can tend to her new baby while we tend to her brother!) and I will put it in the hospital bag just so when she comes to visit we will have it for her! 

Clearly, this isn't a post on what I'm packing in the diaper bag, but I will have his bag ready as well :) The hospital usually does a pretty good job of making sure you have what you need, so I am not too worried about it and can't believe this will all be going down in the next 10 weeks!!! 

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I'm a Walking Contradiction, But Wouldn't Change a Thing.

I'm a Walking Contradiction, But Wouldn't Change a Thing.