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How Tyler and I Met?

How Tyler and I Met?

So last night we were looking at our wedding website and realized everyone knows who’s in our wedding party, everyone knows th ceremony is a destination wedding in Jamaica, and our reception is stateside in North Carolina. Everyone knows we have the cutest little girl (I’m a little bias) and that we are building the sweetest little home. But no one really knows about how Tyler and I came to be. 

But lucky for you, we’ve both written our side on this modern day love story. Enjoy!

Tyler’s version: 

I knew from the moment I saw Kelsey at the gym that she was special. I went to the gym every day and would always see her in passing but she always says she didn’t notice me.() She would do random headstands in the middle of the weight room while “working” or run to get a present for her current boyfriend at the shops next door. I was hoping that eventually that would be me. One day I saw her pop up on Tinder and I messaged her asking what she was doing on there(I thought she was dating that guy). So we started to talk and she gave me her number. The next day I approached her at the gym and had an awkward first conversation(not knowing that Kelsey is really the Queen of making things awkward). After a few days of seeing eachother at the gym and texting she invited me and my roommate Jp to hangout with her and some friends at her place and then go out Downtown Wilmington. We had a perfect night getting to know eachother and having fun. Over the next few weeks we would hang out almost every night and then Kelsey left for a trip to Turks and Caicos with her family. I was going on a cruise that would stop there as well a few weeks later. Little did we know that a surprise was already beginning to grow in Kelsey’s belly. While I was on my cruise with Henry, Jp and Matt, Kelsey found out that she was pregnant with Riley. Since I was on a cruise ship she couldn’t call to tell me anything so she just had to sit around waiting for me to get home(her anxiety was through the roof I’m sure). When I got home she asked me come over because she needed to tell me something. I didn’t know what to expect but she held herself together pretty well as I got to her place. She brought me into her room and told me that she was pregnant. I didn’t know what to say. She told me that she had already told her parents and that they were willing to help her if she wanted to move home and that I didn’t have to do anything. I told her that I would never do that and I would do anything I needed to do. We just laid in her bed for a while discussing what we would do. At the time I knew I was moving to Raleigh for a new job and I told her that I wanted her to come live with me. She was hesitant to make such a big move when she had just moved to Wilmington a year ago from Richmond. I convinced her that it would be best for our relationship and Riley. I knew I really liked her and didn’t want to move 2 hours away from her, especially being pregnant. I wanted her to meet my family before we moved in together and told them about the news. My niece was having a birthday party so that was the perfect opportunity to introduce Kelsey and search for potential apartments. They didn’t know that we were really looking for a two bedroom for our new little family. The first apartment we looked at was the Tribute and it was so perfect that we felt bad wanting to choose that one before looking at any others. We attempted to look at a few others but a series of unfortunate events led us to have failed visits to each of the other choices on our list. We moved into the Tribute a few weeks later and told my family that Kelsey was moving in with me. They were a little surprised but didn’t think anything of it at the time. After living in Raleigh for a month and Kelsey hassling me daily to tell everyone the news, I broke down and called my parents on July 4. My mom was really upset at first but she came around pretty quickly with support. My dad was surprised but supportive. My friends were all excited to be “uncles”. My sister already had a list of things we will need to have before Riley arrived. It’s crazy to believe that I will be getting married in less than a year. Somewhere along the way I found out that I’m in love with the mother of my child. Maybe it was when she trusted me enough to move away from her favorite city on the beach. Maybe it was getting to see her everyday when I went to the gym. Maybe it was coming home to see her excitement of me walking in the door. Either way, I will see you in Jamaica May 2017, Mrs Fry! 

Kelsey’s version:
If you’ve ever been to Wilmington/wrightsville beach in the off season, you know two things. 

One: it’s only full of college students and retired people. (And when you work at a gym, off-campus, you know it’s mostly “newly-weds or nearly-deads”)

Two: it’s a small town where everyone knows everyone and everyone knows everything… 

With that being said, when a guy in a cutoff walks into the gym alone every single day (consistency) around 5:30pm – we knew he wasn’t just “the guy in a cutoff” but he was Tyler Fry, the successful young guy that worked at the CPA firm in the same shopping center as the gym. Yep, we knew him. And most of my coworkers were interested in him. But, I was in my “zen not sin” phase of yoga where boys didn’t matter anymore and living my life did. I knew who he was, but I automatically ruled him out because I knew I wasn’t up to his standards. Surely the guy was in a relationship? I would greet him when he would walk past my desk, just like I greeted everyone else. But I can tell you right now, my heart rate went from a resting 90BPM to a high 160BPM real quick. 

That “zen not sin” phase turned into a “let’s download tinder” phase real quick. Working at the gym, I tried to swipe left to everyone I knew from there, for professional reasons (and because I sure know how to make a situation awkward, so having a desk in the middle of the weight room didn’t work in my favor here…) 

As soon as Tyler came up, I couldn’t resist. I swiped right. (See how modern day this love story is?) almost immediately after matching I got a message from him asking what I was doing on there… I quickly gave him my number so I didn’t have to keep having my tinder app notifications pop up on my phone. 

The next day he came up to my desk and we talked (awkwardly, because if you know Tyler and I myself, well…he’s shy, I’m overly enthusiastic….see where this is going? Opposites attract, right?) 

I ended up asking him to come over and go downtown with us….over the next few weeks/month we hung out almost everyday. 

This is when I came to discover a few things about Tyler Fry. 

-his pallet lacked any excitement (he was a pretty picky eater when I first met him, but that didn’t last long when the first meal he came over to eat with me was seared tuna and broccolini) 

-he had never been to chipotle – this rapidly changed too….I ate there 6 days a week, the people that worked there knew my name and my order. Eventually, the same people would have to know Tylers. 

-he doesnt like Dave Matthews.(he told me this over dinner one night and I still remember him thinking about what music he likes aside from rap…. (And if you know me, you know I love jam bands and am an avid Widespread listener – but I like lil Wayne just as much, so he was in luck.) 

-he only slept with 9 fans going and the ac on -60° ferenheit. 

-he was really uncertain about my safety when he realized I would talk to just about anyone I came into contact with (“if you were the bathroom, where would you be?” This was always my go-to.)

-whoever his niece was, was a very lucky little girl. Because her uncle Tyler raved about her all the time. 

-he had no fear of doing yoga on the beach with me, which was my absolute favorite place to be with him. 

-he didn’t mind that I fell asleep watching Bates Motel every night, even though I would promise to stay awake with him. 

-not to mention, we both enjoyed dancing when we went out…

The guy in the cutoff was growing on me. After I felt like we had gotten pretty comfortable with each other, I was leaving for a trip for Turks and Caicos with my family. My roommate was going out of town too, and I needed someone to watch my dog. I had coworkers lined up to do it, but they fell through. Tyler offered to help without even having to ask, reliability is huge to me. So this was a big step in the right direction. 

I got back and we continued to hang out every single night. At this point, my feelings were strong (blame it on the hormones because at this point I was in the first 2 weeks of pregnacy) when he would walk into the gym my heart would do what it always did, it raced. Just like it did before we knew each other. I would get giddy and I would pace the gym, doing my hourly walk through, and I would make sure to pass him on a bench press or while doing bicep curls, just so I had a reason to interrupt his workout. We would discuss what each other wanted to do for dinner that night, and if we were going to his house or mine. It wasn’t a pressured relationship, it was fun. 

About a month after I got back from Turks and Caicos, he left for a cruise (to the same place – weird?) while he was gone, chipotle started to sound like the worst thing ever. I was so tired, and always nauseas. I called my mom and told her, she told me to get a pregnancy test. Without hesitation, I bought 4.

I took 3 and all were positive. I was at a loss for words. I was scared, excited, intimidated, confused. Tyler had just left. I had an entire week of having to wait to tell him. A WEEK THAT FELT LIKE A YEAR. My mom was happier than I’ve ever seen her, my dad was really supportive, my coworkers were less-than thrilled…and I was still in shock. 

I had to tell Tyler I was having his baby? I had babysat my whole life – and knew a lot about kids….in kindergarten I even told my teacher I wanted to be a mom for career day…I could have sworn Tyler was going to be livid. I was on birth control. I didn’t want kids until I was 30. But there I was, baby on board. 

Tyler’s ship landed in Florida and he would have a 10 hour drive ahead of him (he was texting me the whole drive home, but I had to tell him in person..)

All of his friends were in town, but he came over as soon as he got home. He walked into my room and he had his hand on my leg, I blurted out “I have two things to tell you. 1. I haven’t shaved my legs, I’m sorry. And 2. I’m pregnant.” I continued to follow up with “you don’t have to do anything, I can move back home.” I knew the alternatives to keeping a baby and I was expecting him to mention them or to get up and slam the door in my face…but instead he said “my sister just found out she’s pregnant too!” I knew he was still in shock and trying to put on a brave face, he immediately asked if I would come to Raleigh with him. 

Me, Tyler, my dog, and our little bun in the oven that would soon be called Riley ended up moving a few weeks later and I couldn’t have been any happier with how it all worked out.

I knew I would love this man shortly after meeting him. But the love I have for him hasn’t stopped growing and I’m sure it never will. God’s timing was absolutely impeccable and I am so thankful for this crazy life I live! 

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