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Pregnancy | Everything You Don't Want To Know ;)

Pregnancy | Everything You Don't Want To Know ;)

Here we are again.

Exactly 2.5 years ago I was 5 months pregnant with my first babe - that pregnancy was the most frustrating and oh so irritating time of my life. I never 'loved being pregnant' - and I also didn't understand the women that did - until my current (and second) pregnancy. 

I was 5 weeks behind my sister-in-law with my first baby (it was her second) so I had a human encyclopedia I could use as a resource during my first pregnancy - the only issue was that I didn't realize yet that every pregnancy, and every baby is oh so different. 

I had complications with Riley - and if I had followed everyone else's recommendations, and not my own gut, I may have had a life or death situation with my baby.

At 21 weeks (half-way) I was dilated at 2cm and still contracting in which I was technically "laboring" (for those of you that haven't gotten to this yet - you have to dilate to 10cm before baby - but the fact that I was progressing that early for my first pregnancy was not normal.) I received a steroid shot that "halted labor" and was put on bed rest until 36 weeks. 

Miserable. That's what I was. For the last 6 months of pregnancy, I didn't enjoy it one bit. I was worried and anxious, I ached and pained (probably because I lounged so often), and I just disliked the pregnancy because pregnancy is oh, so gross (in hind-sight it is also oh, so fascinating!) But, in Riley's defense, her labor was a BREEZE and it was all worth it in the end! 

This time, I am truly enjoying it! But that doesn't mean that the gross stuff isn't all still there. This is where I'll begin: Pregnancy | Everything You Don't Want To Know :) And it's more than just morning sickness :) 

1. Gas. Prepare yourself, and maybe your husband. You gastrointestinal muscles are officially looser than they have ever been and this leads to gas - and lots of it. The worst is when the baby starts fluttering, so you are used to movements, but you are uncertain at times whether it's the baby "fluttering" or if it's gas that is about to escape. My tip to you: child's pose. It is your BEST FRIEND, hello relief! 

2. Hello Chin Whisker. Have you ever plucked your eyebrows in the car? It's 100% the best lighting you will find. I was only a few months with Riley and Tyler looked at me in the passengers seat one day with a questioning look, and said, "Is that a chin hair???" Mortified. I was MORTIFIED. And this pregnancy, that same black hair has appeared in the exact same spot. That's not the only one, either. I lift my shirt up to see that sweet little baby bump move: BAM. Black Belly button hair that somehow grew over night. Just be prepared and have tweezers ready to pluck hairs in places you never expected. 

3. Embrace Your Normal, Regular, Pre-Pregnancy Poops. Those are long gone. Hello constipation, and diarrhea - and get ready, because it changes on a day-to-day basis, ha! I have been one of the lucky ones and never suffered from hemorrhoids - but they are oh, so common during pregnancy! 

4. Sensitive Teeth. I felt like I had a mouth full of cavities - it was one of my first signs I was pregnant this go-round. It goes away, I promise :) 

5. Skin Tags. Y'all, I don't make this stuff up. Your body is in over-drive working to create that sweet little baby, it might just grow ya some new skin. These may pop up in high-friction areas and eventually go away. If they really are bothering you, make an appointment with your dermatologist! 

6. Swollen Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Your boobs will swell, your hoo-ha will swell (I'm serious....), your feet swell. It all swells. Just keep drinking your water and don't say I didn't warn ya, ha!

7. Shaving Is Out. Once you can't see past your belly, shaving anything below the waste is HARD work.

8. Maybe This Is Just After Your First, But Don't Jump, Sneeze, Cough, or Laugh. You will pee your pants. Again, you were warned. 

9. Your Nose is In Overdrive. You will smell everything x10. Including your toddler's dirty diaper and your husband's morning breath. 

10. You Will Sweat. Your pregnancy "glow" is really just due to your face now being red and slightly damp and you better start to embrace those pit stains. 

It is oh, so worth it. But I can't stress the importance of finding someone to make you feel normal, it is so easy to tell yourself you hate it and think you are gross, until you see that sweet miracle your body creates! Stand strong, ladies. You got this. 

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