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How To Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated

Welcome, welcome!

Life has been so chaotic this year that I have been slacking big time on writing and it feels so good to be back!

This topic hits home, HARD. How to stay motivated as a Mom. 

As most know, I am so incredibly fortunate to be able to stay home with my little one and have a photography side business – there is nothing better than loving your job, and I am so thankful I do!

One thing I often find myself doing is finding motivation. I totally outsource my motivation and look in every direction to find it – but I have come up with 9 ways that (almost) always work to stay motivated as a work-at-home mom

  1. Set a new alarm tone. Make it a fun upbeat sound – not a fire alarm that you want to slam against the wall as soon as it goes off. Also, be sure to set the alarm 30 minutes prior to when your kids usually wake up. This allows for you to enjoy your coffee and to set intentions for your day.
  2. Get dressed, in my case: workout attire (leggings + a tank) and fill a glass with lemon and water. I don’t love ice water and it so much harder on your digestive system, so I do room temperature filtered water and lemon. (however, to each his own: but get some water in your system!)
  3. PUT ON SHOES. The weirdest observation I have ever come to find is as soon as I have shoes on, I’m able to conquer the world (mind you, I am a total nudist when it comes to my feet. I will walk barefoot around the whole neighborhood and won’t notice I don’t have shoes until Tyler calls me crazy.) However, if I put on shoes at 8am – my whole house is clean by 9 and my work is done by noon. I highly suggest trying it. 

4. Make that to-do list. If I have a million things to do in my head, I swear to myself I will do every one of them – but the mom brain is real and I usually get nothing done UNLESS I write it down. I looooove checking things off of a list – but when making your list, be sure to make them realistic. Don’t discourage yourself by writing things down you can’t accomplish today. 

5. EAT BREAKFAST. Your brain needs nourishing. Without food this is unattainable and you are setting yourself up for disaster. Seriously, eat breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason!!

^^ (instagram: @whatkelseyate) 

6. Exercise. If I do yoga mid-morning, I can almost guarantee a successful day. Yoga is my exercise of choice to stay motivated, simply because I feel more mentally prepared than if I were to do any other kind of workout. (again, to each his own!)

7. Unplug. I love social media. I know, sometimes it sucks and it makes zombies of people. I know people get stuck in comparison traps. I know it’s not all realistic and bullying often occurs. I know all the bad stuff, and we could dwell and hate it, or we could realize how cool it can be. I have been reconnected with so many humans because of Facebook and Instagram. I am so fortunate to be able to look up fun recipes or games to play with Ri because of Pinterest. I love that I can search a simple #hashtag on almost any platform to find something relevant. However, I also love that all of my devices have airplane mode. And man, do I put airplane mode to WORK sometimes. It is nice to not have to look at emails or texts for a second, it’s nice to not see Instagram notifications and Facebook friend requests, those are small distractions that take away from any motivation.

8. Play Music. Seriously, a fun Spotify playlist could change my entire mood! I love acoustic playlists or fun jam bands – all depends on the mood I’m already in!

9. Write Down Your Dreams. This is my number one motivator. Tyler knows I am a dreamer, so he will talk to me about houses we would like to live in, future kids we would like to have, vacation spots we would like to go to. This always gets my motivation levels higher!

I really hope this helps you all!

love always,




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