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Our Top 10 Baby Items!

Our Top 10 Baby Items!

So this year is the year everyone on my social media is having babies, and I mean, everyone!! I have had a few requests to post a blog on my most used baby gear - so I'm going to share what saved our lives with R and what we didn't use and what plan to use instead this go-roud :)

Obviously, every baby and every family situation is different - but this is what worked for us!


1. BOTTLES. We used Dr.Brown's Bottles with Riley and loved them, you can get them here, however, I am switching bottles this time (the dr.brown's have SO many parts and pieces so I am going to try two different types this time Comotomos are silicone (which makes for easy cleaning) and life factory bottles are glass - which though they may be heavier, I like the idea of throwing them in the dishwasher :) 

2. BLANKETS. Riley was a January baby, so we had an assortment of fuzzy blankets that we would through in her carseat when we went out - however, our most used blankets were definitely  the Aden and Anais (she still uses them) and I plan to use them with the new babe as well! They are incredibly light weight and breathable, awesome for swaddling, so soft, and we used them as a burp cloth as well. (we also have their burp cloths and bibs!) 

3. SOUND MACHINES. I promise you, get one. We have the HoMedics Sound Spa that Riley still uses every night. We would pay triple the price because that's how great it is. It is the number one thing I remember to pack with us when we travel. I will also be getting a traveling one for our carseat this time - so good!

4. ROCK N PLAY.  We used our Fisher Price Rock n Play every night until R could roll out of it - and once that happened, she still used it for naps! I put it beside our bed and loved the easy access to being right beside her. It was an inexpensive way to have her so close to us but still in her own space (and the kid slept through the night at 6 weeks, so obviously something was working, ha!)

5. NOSE FRIDA. I swore I would never use this thing until Riley had a stuffy nose and couldn't blow it herself - seems so gross but it works MIRACLES. We still use it!! 

6. EAR THERMOMETER. I recommend getting a good one, we have this one. It's easy and we use it on everyone in the house and it has been super reliable! 

7. A GOOD TRAVEL SYSTEM. We had the Britax B-Agile and loved it! It is not marketed as a jogging stroller, but we ran with it all the time and it was great!! We still use the stroller, and plan to use the infant seat for the new babe. However, we obviously needed a double stroller this time since Riley still loves to ride in it, so we got this one from our sweet neighbors!

8. BABY MONITOR. We have the Motorola Video Monitor and adore it, I can hear Riley and we can speak through the mic to her if we need to- we will be getting a second camera so we can watch both kids rooms. 

9. DIAPERS AND WIPES. Before R, I thought I would only use Honest diapers - but, everytime I have purchased them, they just don't seem comfortable - they have PRECIOUS prints, but they are stiff compared to others we use. Until she was about a year old we used Pampers Swaddlers, but once she was mobile, I switched to the Target Brand diapers. I do occasionally buy Parasol diapers on Amazon if there is a good sale, they have cute prints, too! As for wipes, I used Huggies for a while when R was an infant but she seemed to squirm like they stung her when I would wipe - I ended up switching to Water Wipes and Seventh Generation! I LOVE the water wipes, but our target is out sometimes which is when I will grab seventh generation!

10. BABY WEARING. I wore R all.the.time. We lived in an apartment while we were building our house and I would have to walk the dog and getting down the stairs with both of them, wearing her was the only way I could do it! I had the Boba Wrap  and the Baby Bjorn, however I will be retiring the Bjorn for the Ergo this time, thanks to my sister-in-law! 


1. BOTTLE DRYING RACK. No one warns you how many bottles you will clean in the wee hours of the morning. This go round I have one of these racks in our master bathroom and in our kitchen. If I am upstairs and can wash a bottle there, it just makes more sense :) 

2. BASKET DOWNSTAIRS FOR CHANGING. We have this basket on our book shelves downstairs stocked with wipes, aquaphor, desitin, baby finger nail clippers, and diapers for diaper changes during the day! So simple, but so necessary! 

3. PACK AND PLAY. We didn't have one with R, we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment and everywhere we travelled had one. All grandparents, aunts, uncles had one available for us, so we didn't find it necessary. I will get one this time so that I can set it up downstairs for a changing station and crib (because 2 kids and running up and down the stairs isn't logical.) 

4. STROLLER ACCESSORIES. I didn't have these with R, but always found myself needing them. The first is a console for the stroller (keys, water bottle, sip cups.) The only time this may get annoying is if you are going through security at the airport (we did this a lot with R) and have to take it off - aside from that seems like a life saver! R was a January baby, but this time I will have a summer baby and we are ALWAYS outside in the summer, so a carseat/stroller fan will be necessary.

5. WUBANUB. R never took a Paci, but she loved her wubanubs while teething! 

6. EXTRA CARSEAT BASE. You don't realize you need multiple of these until you don't have them! I suggest to get a base for each vehicle the baby will be in. 

7. SLEEP SACK. Tyler and I both loved R to sleep in her sleep sack! Made changing her so easy, and she always had a fleece suit covering her feet. 

8. HANDS FREE PUMPING BRA. Okay, this thing was so necessary - typically I would have to pump for 20-30 min every 3-4 hours so being able to read a book or scroll on my phone was necessary!

9. DOCKATOT. I didn't have this with R, but I think it will be a lifesaver to keep on the couch for quick baby naps. I have also heard it makes the transition to a crib a breeze!

10. HOT GLUE GUN. We have a lot of bath toys, and when you put a bath toy in the water there is a little hole the water can get into the toy - I blocked ours off with a hot glue gun to prevent mold! Quick trip that makes a big difference :) 

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